The Chargy network
An ever-expanding network for even greater flexibility.


More than 700 public charging points are now available to users of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in Luxembourg.

But that’ s not all! The Chargy network is about to be expanded by 88 additional charging points. What’s making them so special? These new stations, called SuperChargy available at the main road and motorway service areas and at certain car parks are offering ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles. They will be equipped with one charging point and will operate with CCS sockets.

The Chargy network also includes a significant number of charging points invested by third parties and accessible to the public, known as Chargy OK.

Find the charging stations


Find a charging station

Motorway areas, P+R car parks, public car parks… the Chargy, SuperChargy and Chargy OK charging stations become part of your daily mobility.

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Using a charging station Connect to electric mobility!

Identifying yourself and paying your charges at a Chargy network charging station is very easy! Simply present your mKaart or any other badge distributed by a charging service provider operating on the Chargy network.

Plus, thanks to the new SuperChargy charging stations, recharging your electric car becomes even more convenient! If you don’t have an mKaart, you can simply use your credit card. You do not need to conclude a contract and pay a fixed price displayed on the screen of the charging station. This ad hoc payment function is also available on Chargy charging stations, where a QR code will redirect you to the charging providers who offer this service.


Getting an mKaart The mKaart for maximum convenience

To obtain your mKaart and thus access all the charging stations in the Chargy network, you must have signed a contract with a charging service provider. They will then give you your mKaart which will serve as your identifier.

If you already have an mKaart but no contract with a charging service provider, you can apply to the charging service provider of your choice and request to add the Chargy product to your card.


Non-exhaustive list of charging service providers*:

  • Blue Corner

  • Digital Charging Solutions

  • Electris

  • Electromaps

  • Enovos Luxembourg S.A.

  • Mobilygreen

  • NewMotion

  • Q8 Electric

  • Route220

  • Sudstroum

  • SWIO

  • Wirelane GmbH

  • Plugsurfing

*The different charging service providers are free to offer different products and services on the same charging points.