Chargy: 800 public charging stations for your everyday travel.

In 2020, the Chargy network will include 800 public charging stations for electric cars and hybrid plug-in vehicles in Luxembourg. Nearly half of these stations will be installed at Park & Ride car parks and the remainder in public municipal car parks. Each charging station includes 2 charging points and the network will eventually offer 1,600 parking spaces reserved for electric vehicles.

Every municipality in the country will have at least one charging station: the total number of stations for each municipality will vary depending on the number of inhabitants and the number of jobs in each area. The stations will always be installed near local points of interest, such as business parks, educational establishments, tourist, cultural or sporting attractions, shops, town halls or council offices.

mKaart for maximum simplicity

The Chargy stations are accessed simply using a card (debit or prepaid), which is combined with the mKaart to provide all the services from the Verkéiersverbond.


Control everything via your MyChargy account

You can connect to your MyChargy account from your computer, tablet or mobile device and monitor your consumption, find available charging stations, make a reservation or use various other functions and services at any time.

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