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Operators Integrate the charging stations on your site into the Chargy network

Are you responsible for a site with charging stations accessible to the public? Integrate them into the Chargy network, without changing your electricity supplier, and benefit from a range of services:

  • Operation of one or more charging stations on one or more sites via a single platform (MyChargy)
  • Statistics for all your stations
  • Management of access cards to your charging stations by Chargy
  • Reimbursement of the energy consumed via your stations

Operators Check the compatibility of your stations

To integrate your charging stations into the Chargy network, they must be compatible with the Chargy platform.

The non-exhaustive list below indicates which charging stations are compliant with a Chargy OK certification:

  • ABB Terra

  • ICU EVE S-Line
    ICU EVE Proline

  • Compleo Advanced
    Compleo Highline

  • Ecotap Dua SLA

  • Etrel Inch Duo

  • Innogy eStation smart

  • Juice Technology

  • Mennekes
    AMTRON® Professional+
    AMEDIO Professional+

  • PCE Wallbox GLB+
    PCE Twinbox GTB+
    PCE Ladesäule LS4

  • Nexxtender

  • EVlink Pro AC
    EVlink P3

  • EV Base
    EV One
    EV Ultra
    EV Wall

  • Dynamic M3

  • Zaptec Pro

If your type of charging station does not appear on this list, it is however likely that a Chargy OK certification is possible. In this case, please contact us by clicking here.


Operators Ask for your Chargy OK integration kit

If your charging station is Chargy OK certified, you can request your Chargy OK integration kit via this form.

  • The SIM card to be integrated in your charging station.

  • The stickers with the Chargy OK visual and the identification number of your station.

  • The contract to be signed by the owner.

  • The integration manual.

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