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Charging service providers Become a charging service provider

In order to become a charging service provider for the Chargy network, the physical or moral person wishing to provide end users with a charging service must submit an application to the distribution network operators (DNO). The DNO will send them the signed inclusion contract. A specimen can be downloaded here.

After signing the tripartite contract, between the DSO, the physical supplier and the charging service provider, the charging service provider will be given all the information necessary to offer Chargy’s mobility services to its customers.

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Charging service providers Non-exhaustive list of charging service providers*:

  • Blue Corner

  • Digital Charging Solutions

  • Electris

  • Electromaps

  • Enovos Luxembourg S.A.

  • Mobilygreen

  • NewMotion

  • Q8 Electric

  • Route220

  • Sudstroum

  • Wirelane GmbH

  • Plugsurfing

*Charging service providers are free to offer different products and services on the same charging stations.