Becoming a charging service provider

In order to become a charging service provider for the Chargy network, the physical or moral person wishing to provide end users with a charging service must submit an application to the distribution network operators (DNO).

The DNO will send them the signed inclusion contract. A specimen can be downloaded here.

The aim of this contract is to manage the different contractual relationships between the different players, i.e. the DNO, the physical supplier and the charging service provider, in order to allow the end user to benefit from a charging service at the public charging stations within the Chargy system, and to recharge their electric vehicle by connecting it to one of the charging points.

After signing the tripartite contract, the charging service provider is given all the information necessary to offer the Chargy services to its clients.

For more information, please contact us.

Station producer/reseller

Are you a producer/reseller of charging stations and do you want to make sure that your stations are compatible with the Chargy system?

As a station producer, it is imperative that your stations can communicate with the central Chargy system.

This is why Chargy offers the Chargy OK label for your stations on its system. If you wish to check whether your station type has already been certified, click here. If your type is not included in the list and you wish to certify your station, please contact us.

As a station reseller, make sure that your stations comply with the applicable regulations and fulfil the system requirements in order to be integrated into the Chargy system.

If your stations are compatible, you can request the Chargy OK integration kit using this form. The kit contains:

  • the SIM card to fit into your station,
  • the stickers with the Chargy OK logo and the identification number for your station,
  • the contract to be signed by the owner of the station,
  • an integration manual.

Do you want to integrate a charging station to the system?

Click here to see the conditions to integrate additional stations (only in French).

Chargy OK stations

List of compatible stations:

  • ABB Terra
  • Compleo Advanced
  • Compleo Highline
  • Ecotap Dua SLA
  • EVBox Publicline
  • EVBox Businessline
  • Garo GLB+ / PCE GLB+
  • Garo LS4 / PCE LS4
  • Innogy eStation smart
  • Juice Technology
  • Mennekes AMTRON® Professional+
  • Mennekes AMEDIO Professional+
  • Mennekes Premium
  • Mennekes Smart
  • Powerdale Nexxtender Dual
  • Schneider Electric – EVLink