Chargy, the first network of public charging stations, will incorporate a total of 800 stations and 1,600 charging points. At least one station will be installed in each municipality of Luxembourg, in order to guarantee national network coverage.

Products and services

Chargy offers you a range of products and services enabling you to make the most of electromobility in Luxembourg:

  • access to more than 800 stations offering 1,600 charging points by 2020,
  • access to stations branded as Chargy OK,
  • access via the mKaart from the Verkéiersverbond,
  • MyChargy platform fering the following functionalities:
    • interactive network map indicating all the stations and their status (free, in use, out of service),
    • online booking of charging stations (max. 2 reservations at once),
    • calculation of route and navigation to your chosen station,
    • notification when your vehicle has finished charging,
    • consultation of your electricity consumption,
    • downloading of all information required for management purposes.

In order to use Chargy and the MyChargy platform, you must conclude a contract with a charging service provider in Luxembourg. A list of charging service providers is available further down this page.

If you already have access to the Chargy system, click here.

New customer?

In order to be able to recharge your electric car or plug-in hybrid vehicle at Chargy and Chargy OK stations, you need to have signed a contract with a charging service provider.

Your charging service provider will also issue your mKaart that is used to identify you at Chargy and Chargy OK stations. If you already have an mKaart that is compatible with our network, your supplier will add the Chargy product directly to your mKaart.

List of charging service providers:

Please note that the different charging service providers are free to offer different products and services on the same stations.


When you sign up for a contract with your charging service provider, show them your mKaart. They can check whether it is compatible or not. If the serial number of your mKaart begins with, your card is compatible with Chargy. If not, your mKaart needs to be replaced with a new one.
If your mKaart is not compatible with Chargy, your charging service provider will issue you with a new mKaart. If your old card still has transport tickets on it, please take your old and new mKaarts to a Mobilitéitszentral counter to transfer your tickets from the old card to the new one.
If you already have a card, check with your charging service provider if it is compatible with the Chargy system.
Yes, there are roaming contracts in place allowing you to recharge your vehicle abroad. Ask your charging service provider whether they have signed a contract of this nature and ask which stations you can access.
Roaming contracts have been set up to allow non-residents to recharge their vehicles on the Chargy network. Ask your charging service provider whether they offer this service.
Please note that you will not be able to load public transport tickets for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg onto your foreign card; this service is reserved for mKaart users.
When you sign the contract with your charging service provider, you will be sent an e-mail with a link and a password that gives you access to the platform.
Contact your charging service provider as soon as possible, so they can block your card and issue you with a new one.
When you use your login and password to connect to the MyChargy platform, an interactive map is displayed indicating all the available stations on the network. You can also find detailed information on the status of each station (in use, free, reserved, out of service).
If you encounter a problem, please contact Chargy technical support on the free phone number 8006-2020, which is available 24/7.
Yes. Since these are two different services, one proposed by the Municipality (car park) and the other proposed by your service provider (car charging), you must pay both services.
Please contact your service provider.